Collection: Retail Pyramids

Coffee Quest are proud to supply a bespoke selection pyramids made with 100% Ceylon organic loose tea leaves. Originally from Norfolk, Joe relocated to London to form Joe's Tea Co. in 2012, endeavouring to work closely with small organic farmers in Dyatalawa, Sri Lanka to source the most outstanding, pure and fresh flavoured tea possible.

At the heart of Joe's ethos is a drive to create an iconic British brand using sustainable and ethical farming methods, reducing environmental impact by transporting by sea and investing in the education of his teams both in Sri Lanka and London. Being so transparently focused on quality throughout all stages of production, it is unsurprising that his blends have won 25 Great Taste Awards, and his quirky packaging designs distinguish the brand both on display shelves in cafes, restaurants and bars as well as for the stay at home tea lover.  

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